Sunday, January 31, 2010

Divine Intervention

di-vine in-ter-ven-tion - n., "An extraordinary event manifested by God intervening in human affairs."

This being Sunday, and supposedly a day of rest, I thought it quite fitting to create this little religious piece. My intent today was to only play with rosary chaining techniques. This bracelet is my end result.

Must have been divine intervention! All kidding aside... Sometimes I think what the heck am I doing? How am I going to create something pleasing? Who in the world would wear something like this anyway? And then I hear that voice that tells me, "Just go for it. Take a chance. You can do this. It will work."

At first it is only a whisper, and I just frown, sigh, and shake my head. Then it becomes louder, encouraging me on. Luckily, the voice is persistent. Before I know it... I am done!

In my case, my "human affairs", was my self-doubt. I think we all need to listen more often to that encouraging voice. Just take that chance and go for it!



  1. I know a few people who would LOVE to wear that beautiful bracelet. Good job - keep listening to the little voice.

  2. You've got some great pieces posted! Thanks for finding my blog, you're entered in the contest! Look forward to more beautiful pieces Kim. Take care, Riki