Friday, July 8, 2011


It was so beautiful today walking my dog along the Strand at the beach. The weather was summer balmy, the water azure blue and the dolphins playful in the surf.

Today I feel truly blessed and it is such an uplifting feeling. You know what? Uplifted is addictive! The more I think about my blessings the more happy and at peace I become.

So if thinking happy thoughts creates more happy thoughts the same must be true for distressing thoughts. So today's post is dedicated to the Waterfall Effect*.

My Waterfall Effect started like this today...

Hmmm, the balmy weather reminds me of the carefree summer days, when I was a kid, swimming in my friend's pool... The ocean looks so beautiful, I am so fortunate to live here... How lucky I am to have such a cool dog to walk with me every day... What a blessing that a 5 mile walk is no biggie... The friends who are nudging me along and strongly encouraging my jewelry are a true gift...

So, come look at the waterfall with me today or tomorrow or the next day. I will be going there everyday because it is an addictive place to go.

NOTE TO SELF - Reread this post every day.

*Waterfall Effect - Sort of like the Snowball Effect only prettier because it is truly awesome and there is usually a beautiful rainbow.